Indo-US Symposium On Preventing Road Crash Injury Through Vehicle Safety Design

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Sponsored by:

The Royal Society, UK

Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India

Background and Topics

In recent years, usage of composites in designing components for air and road vehicles, biomedical applications, and various other engineered products due to their high strength-to-weight ratio and superior formability have been steadily increasing. Glass and carbon fibre-reinforced composite laminates are most commonly used. Composites made of synthetic fibres and resin may score low on sustainability due to difficulties in recycling and sometimes, health risks associated with fibres such as glass fibres. It has thus become necessary to consider alternatives in the form of biocomposites. Strictly speaking, both phases in a biocomposite, namely, fibre/reinforcement and matrix should be of natural origin and be biodegradable. As it is difficult to realize such an ideal biocomposite in practice, the scope of the present symposium has been expanded by considering any composite in which at least one of the constituent phases is derived naturally (such as a plant-based reinforcement or resin). Additionally, recent advancements involving nanocomposites can be considered. The symposium is expected to focus on the challenges involved in the realization of true biocomposites and their applications to various engineered products including biomedical aids such as implants and prosthetics.

Any topic, fundamental or applied, related to biocomposites as interpreted above will be of interest to the present symposium. The broad areas of discussion (not necessarily exhaustive) are given below:

* Materials
* Manufacturing
* Characterization for engineering properties
* Life cycle issues
* Constitutive modeling for simulation-driven design
* Applications to various engineered products

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